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  • Helpful Tips for Boosting Your Team’s Morale cameronForni.net Jun 2, 2020 “While long-term goals are the ones that will mean the most to a company’s bottom-line, having short-term goals that can be celebrated is a great way to motivate people.”


  • Curaleaf to Acquire Select, the Leading Cannabis Wholesale Brand in the U.S. Bloomberg Feb 23, 2020 “I could not be more excited about this transaction with Curaleaf and what it means for the Select brand and for our industry. The leading companies in the industry on the West Coast and the East Coast are now joining forces to progress the legalization and mainstream acceptance of cannabis across the country.”



  • Cannabis Company Curaleaf Is Acquiring Cura/Select Forbes May 1, 2019 “It’s with the incredible team we’ve built that the Select brand has become recognized across the West Coast, and this deal opens us up to new customers all over the country.”