Cannabis is a complex topic, and there are many things that people don’t know about it. This blog post will explore five little-known facts about Cannabis to show you how much more there is to this plant than just smoking or eating it.

 You Can Eat Cannabis Raw

 Cannabis is one of the most nutritionally complete plants on earth, containing essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, niacin (vitamin B), iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, etc. A lot of these nutrients are lost when Cannabis is heated. It can be mixed in with smoothies or salads, just like any other vegetable.

 Cannabis Contains Terpenes

Cannabis contains terpenoids that have their own healing properties, which work well with THC to give you a full-body high rather than just a cerebral buzz. There are around two hundred different kinds of terpenes in Cannabis. Cannabis contains cannabinoids like CBD and CBN, which used to be attributed only to help. Still, there are psychoactive cannabinoid compounds found in the plant-like THC and THCA (which isn’t psychoactive until it becomes activated by heat).

 You Can Grow Cannabis Indoors With LED Lighting

LEDs are more efficient than many other types of lighting since their light output decreases very little over time while still providing quality yields for growers. It has become popular among people who want to grow weed indoors without wasting energy or money on lights which could otherwise be spent on growing better plants.

 Cannabis Is Not A Drug

Cannabis is not an intoxicant, though it can have psychoactive properties when consumed. However, you do not become intoxicated from ingesting Cannabis as the THC content does not cause intoxication in humans because we lack the endocannabinoid receptor.

 You Can Make Hash From Hemp

You can make hash from hemp using dry ice, which will leave behind no traceable solvent residue on your plants like butane or CO2 may do if used by amateurs to extract resin or wax (hash). It’s also reasonably easy to separate trichomes from hemp stalks and stems.

Cannabis is not just the dried flower buds of this plant. There are many more things to learn about it than most people know, and that’s why we’ve put together our cannabis guide.