LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professional networking. The platform allows professionals to build their brands, demonstrate their expertise, and keep abreast of the latest developments in their industry. On LinkedIn, professionals can also join professional groups where they can connect with other like-minded individuals. That said, here are five excellent groups for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Cannabis Investors and Entrepreneurs

Cannabis Investors and Entrepreneurs is the largest cannabis-related group on LinkedIn, with almost 35,000 members. Created in October 2013, it provides a forum for cannabis investors and entrepreneurs to network and share their ideas. However, solicitations and promotions aren’t allowed in the group.

CBD & Cannabis Professional Business Network

With slightly over 27,600 members, the CBD & Cannabis Professional Business Network is one of the largest and fastest-growing cannabis groups on LinkedIn. The group aims to provide cannabis entrepreneurs with helpful information to help them tackle business challenges. Group members are encouraged to post any obstacles they have to get assistance from experienced cannabis professionals, making it an excellent group for novice cannabis entrepreneurs.

Invest in Marijuana

Invest in Marijuana is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about Medical Marijuana and companies in the medical marijuana sector. In the group, entrepreneurs can get information about the latest developments in the marijuana industry from industry experts.

Cannabis LAB (Law, Accounting & Business)

Navigating the legal and financial intricacies of the cannabis industry can be tricky to the unacquainted. That’s where Cannabis LAB comes in handy. The group created in September 2016 is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the legal and financial aspects of the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Group

The Cannabis Group is one of the oldest cannabis groups on LinkedIn. Established in 2012, the B2B group has about 18,800 members. It’s an excellent forum for cannabis professionals interested in discussing the latest developments in the cannabis industry.

Final Word

Overall, LinkedIn is an excellent social network for cannabis professionals looking to learn more about the cannabis trade, forge connections and even find business opportunities.

And while the list above isn’t exhaustive of all the cannabis groups on LinkedIn, the groups mentioned are worth checking out first.