The cannabis industry is booming, so it is only natural that people are looking to find a way in. While many entrepreneurs are looking to start their own cannabis business, many more employees are looking for their dream job.

Even if it may not be your dream to get a job working with cannabis, this industry has a lot to promise if you’re seeking something stable (and growing). The real question is, how to go about finding the right one – and landing it?

Know the Basics

As with any specialized career path, the first step in the process is to understand the basics. This means that one must learn as much as possible, both about the industry and about cannabis itself.

It’s beneficial to understand the pros and cons of cannabis, including the medical applications and the legal setbacks. Additionally, this research will help one understand what parts of the cannabis industry are the most appealing to them.

Know Yourself

There are many things that an aspiring employee must consider when choosing a career path. Including their skills. What are your skills and passions? What sort of work would you excel in? These are essential questions, especially when approaching a growing industry.

The cannabis field is just like any other industry – it needs hundreds of creatives and workers to come together to function. There are hundreds of skills required, so it is okay not to have any cannabis-specific skills at this point.

Consider Niche Options

There are many different opportunities and choices, even within the cannabis industry. For example, there’s science, patient care, cultivation, retail, legal, and more. Naturally, the next step in the job-finding process would be to identify which niche is the best fit for you.


Now it’s time to get some prep work done. Research potential employers, prep a resume, and even begin preparing for an interview. The more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

When preparing, there are lots of things to keep in mind. For example, it would be beneficial to learn common cannabis jargon before an interview to better impress potential employers. Minor moves like this can go a long way, regardless of the industry specialization.