Thanks to numerous studies and clinical trials, there is now irrefutable proof of what many people have known all along: cannabis is effective as a natural pain reliever. The studies have confirmed that specific strains of cannabis work to reduce or relieve pain from several sources, including swelling, inflammation, and more.

More and more these days, cannabis is gaining popularity as a mainstream treatment for pain. There is a growing interest in the various strains of cannabis and the types of pain they relieve. The two main kinds of cannabis are Indicas and Sativas. Some Sativas and their hybrid strains have been shown to provide a minimal amount of pain relief. However, the Indicas have been proven to provide the most significant and most effective pain relief. Among the Indica strains, the following be the most potent pain relievers:

Afghan Crush

Afghan Crush is one of the most effective strains of cannabis to relieve nerve pain. It also has a high CBD content, meaning that you will sleep after using it. It is considered to be a good strain for beginning users.


The Harlequin strain of cannabis is another type that is recommended for beginners. It delivers soothing pain relief that does not result in either brain fog or a spontaneous burst of energy. Harlequin is fast-acting and works over an extended period.

White Widow

The White Widow strain is not recommended for beginners as its pain-relieving effects are incredibly fast-acting and potent. It is generally used to treat pain, anxiety, and insomnia since it induces deep, restful sleep.


The Blueberry strain of cannabis has been used for more than 50 years for pain relief. Many people choose blueberry for its long-established pain-relieving abilities via numbing and relaxing, stress-reducing effects.

Sour Diesel

The sour diesel strain of cannabis provides pain relief by delivering a sustained “high” for several hours after use. Unlike many others, the sour diesel strain will also give you an energetic, positive demeanor as you go about your day. This is one of the top five most popular strains for pain relief.

As with any new treatment, supplement, or medication, always check with your primary care physician before adding or changing part of your health routine.